Assorted delivery truck illustrations for usage with promotional materials, booth banners, flyers, catalogs and more.
A sales campaign promoting the Don branded line of chemical cleaners, disinfectants, etc. Sales people receive one per month for the whole year giving them brief and eyecatching to shoot off to customers and to use as a quick reference guide for a particular item.
Trade show banner artwork showcasing DON's relation with Auntie Anne's Pretzels. The show has a western theme hence rodeo cowboys atop giant bucking pretzels. Naturally!
A couple of logo concepts for the 90th anniversary.
I recently redesigned the aerosol can labels for Don. I designed this flyer in order to educate the customers and sales force on the change. This style is somewhat of a departure for Don as it's a bit on the retail side for a B2B company.
A birthday card concept with the allusion towards Don's 90th anniversary.
Here's a cover concept I designed for Edward Don & Company's "Big Book". 2011 marked Don's 90th anniversary. They were looking for something to visually represent transition and evolution using the truck.
Art ala Peter Max for a flyer encouraging sales staff to sell vinyl gloves.
I created this cereal box art as a promotional device, though I did manufacture by hand about a dozen actual boxes, there was, sadly, no actual cereal.
A postcard for use with prospective customers. I reached back and attempted to ape the style of old travel postcards commemorating different cities and states.
The above three designs were graphic proposals for the Don booth at NRA. These depict a huge dividing wall between the booth and one of the aisles.