The first rays of light at dawn slowly manage to disappear that perpetual darkness that hides them between the jungle.
As an allusion to the cavern of Plato, the outside forest is transferred to the interior of their shelters or "caletas", as they call their improvised homes. Thanks to the light.
Antonio has spent 10 out of his 22 years in the lineups of the FARC EP. Antonio states that "The weapon does not mean that it is our point of view or starting point but we use it as a means to protect our lives and as a tool for the Colombian Government to listen to us because it was never possible to have a dialogue that would avoid war".
Antonio has a dream that when he leaves, he can write a book about his life in the guerrilla. Every day he feeds this little notebook where he collects anecdotes from his comrades and from his day to day in the war.
Lucero Rodríguez joins the FARC EP guerrillas at the age of 16.  Today, 33-year-old Lucero says that the only moments she will never forget are the bombings, especially the attack on the camping site that killed commander Jorge Briseño, she was very close by. Lucero remembers how that early morning, an "Explorer", as they call the planes that do the bombings, was flying over. With tears in her eyes Lucero expresses that this loss was especially hard because Jorge was like a father to her.
Omar Ayala fervently believes that the minds should be assembled in order to disarm rifles, an idea that gets stronger every day since his wife, also guerillera Tatiana is 7 months pregnant.  His biggest fear is that if the “NO” wins in the plebiscite, he must move his son to a safe place because he says that "for no reason I will stop the fight".
Tatiana with her beautiful belly from her 7-month-pregnancy expresses great happiness for her due date which is approaching fast! But this happiness is overshadowed by the opinion of some civilians who think that “We are monsters".
Michael Steven Guevara, guerrillero from the Teofilo Forero Castro column of the FARC EP, from Buenaventura, wishes with great hope to not carry his rifle anymore.  What he really wants is "to carry a pencil to stop the fight of weapons and transform it into the fight of ideas".
Almost at sunset, Miller repairs the furnace they build with wood and mud before darkness takes over the jungle again.
The sound of gunfire rattles through the territories of Colombia, where the FARC EP guerillas view their bullets as their “solution for social justice.”
​Night brings a tranquil darkness to the guerilla camps that is interrupted by the noise of bombardment, silencing the sounds of nearby wildlife, crickets, and human breaths.  The men and women of the guerrilla become shadows in the middle of the Colombian jungle, and if peace is not found, their shades will perpetuate as they delve deeper into the darkness in pursuit of a light.
These images were a collective contribution for different agencies and media such as The City Paper Bogota, Espacio GAF, Getty Images, EFE, AFP, AP, and Nurphoto.