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    Editorial illustration created for Seven Days, newsweekly in Burlington VT. Story about mental health system.
Another illustration project with SEVEN DAYS, a newsweekly in Burlington VT. Here's the final artwork.
The final artwork was created by scanning the pencil comp and cleaning it up in Photoshop. In Photoshop, I added color, collaged in some elements and added texture. This is the second piece that I created my own texture -- the crumpled paper. In previous pieces I used free textures from friends or from online sources. I like having more control over the textures, so I'll likely continue working on this aspect.

Here, below, is how I got to the final. This is the cleaned up comp including the requested revisions from AD Sullivan and the editor and writer.
And here, below, are the two initial comps built from the initial communication details with AD Sullivan, the editor and writer. You can see how the mood of the piece evolved from despair to something more like resigned frustration. The client wanted to capture a mood for the piece that wasn't too stereotypical of imagery having to do with mental health or mental illness.