This is a story about the dog that was lost in January, wandered a whole year and found home in December.

It's not just a calendar, it's a gentle story about the cool black dog which develops in the course of the year. This is the book and comics and art book at the same time. 

The project involved 12 Russian illustrators.
/ January /
Tim Yarzhombek
/ February / 
Nastasia Khudyakova
/ March /
Ri Tori (Margarita Szchetinskaya)
/ April /
Yegor Yojikov (Hodeev)
/ May /
Natasha Pastukhova
/ June /
Katya Rondel
/ July /
Julia Adelova
/ August /
Tanya Borisova
/ September /
Daria Zakharova​​​​​​​
/ October /
Katya Shelomanova
/ November /
Katya Kritseva
/ December /
Eva Revolver (Galya Panchenko)