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    Sony Pix Channel Rebrand
Sony Pix
Channel Branding
Sony Pix India was searching by means of a contest a studio that could make a complete rebrand of the channel identity. AXT was submitted to the contest together with “No Pretendas” and “Diestro” (winning the contest) and developed the whole channel graphic identity. The X is a decisive element on the Sony Pix logo from the letter and its fusion with the screen format we get the basic shape for all the compositions. The different parts of the promo package are designed from the superposition and modulation of that shape, creating an effect of depth where the channel promotional contest would be set in. The channel identity includes different pieces as IDS, Resolve Logo, Promo Top, etc.
ID 01 - This corporate ID for Sony Pix is based on the brand’s concept of creation, where incandescent items come together to form a new identity.
ID 02 - This ID is integrally based on the Sony S, generating the logo from the corporative elements or blocks with the new colours of the Sony Pix brand.
ID 03 - This ID is based on the break down of the Sony logo into coloured fluids which reform as a new application of the brand.
ID 04 - This ID is the decomposition and composition of the Sony S through the use and chaotic fusion of coloured particles.
TV PACKAGING - A montage of all the graphical elements of the Sony Pix rebrand such as the Resolve, End page, Menu, Double bill, and Trilogy logos. All of them are based on the X from Pix, forming the logo from its decomposition. The different parts and pieces are developed with this basic technique, superimposing and modulating it to create the various spaces and depth effects.
CHANNEL IDENTITY MANUAL - AXT also developed the corporate manual with the specific application of the brand for each piece.
BRAND & PROPERTIS - A graphics and colour code was developed to differentiate between the sections of the chain. By means of the spaces created by the decomposition of the X and the different corporate colours we can distinguish by both the programmes and sections of the programming.
Client: No Pretendas Madrid | Brand: Sony Pix Indian movie channel
Project Direction: David Hermoso | No Pretendas
Brand design: AXT
Channel art direction: AXT | No Pretendas Madrid | Diestro
Direction: Hugo Basism | Diestro
Compositing: Hugo Basism | Diestro | Jakob Konrad | Martín Fernández | Héctor Enka
Animation & Postproduction: Hugo Basism | Diestro | Héctor Enka | Jakob Konrad | Carlos Dieguez Modeling 3D: Santi Orozco | Diestro | Carlos Dieguez
Compositing 2D: Hugo Basism | Diestro | Héctor Enka
Production Company: No Pretendas
Production: Míriam Romero | Diestro.
Concepts & Design: David Férnandez | Txema Alguacil (Diestro)
Storyboards: Diestro.