Aquis - ATM | MOME | Bodonyi Gyula | 2012
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    This is an ATM - kiosk - info center family what was designed by Gyula Bodonyi, Dániel Borók, and Csaba Kálmán.
Aquis |ATM - Infopoint family
Schoolwork at Moholy Nagy University of Arts and Design
- In cooperation with Csaba Kálmán, Dániel Borók -
The concept stands out with a simple clean and formal functional part, and by giving solutions for usage for disabled people. The form lets people with wheelchairs to use it effectively (height and angle of the screen for visibility, front indenture). The outer shell of the kiosk is expandable horizontally so only the middle parts (black) differ in order to keep production cheap. The shell's parts are made with bending and pressing. 

And two more screenshots from the original presentation.