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PRESSCIPE | book design
My work is a book which deals with and combines two topics: various printing hardening and tempering procedures and illustrated recipes are put next to each other in it. Printing procedures are a very important part of graphic design, so my aim was to get to know these printing facilities through my own work. At the same time it was important to find my own style in illustrations. Scrolling trough the book, next to the printing procedures we can get to know about creative digital papers.The recipes are charged with personal feelings, and the illustrations express my feelings of home.

The book is basically like a reinterpretation of our grandmothers’ hand written recipe books, so the topic and the illustrations required the script letters. It does not matter which topic influences the reader when they take this book in their hand, they will experience that the other topic offers them something beyond what they came for – both visually and knowledge-vise. With this project titled Presscipe, my primary aim was to examine how it works when people obtain knowledge from various fields at the same time.

Printing procedures which were used in the book: CNC laser cutting, embossing, plush printing, digital varnish, digital white printing, screen printing, digital metal printing, hot stamping, cutting.

Papers which were used in the book: Conqueror Concept, gold/100 g, Matt, Art Digigold/170 g, Matt, Art/160 g, Curious Collection, Touch Milk/120 g, Curious Collection, Skin, Dark Blue/135 g, Curious Iridescent, virtual pearl/120 g, Curious Iridescent, Oxigen white/120 g, Conqueror 100% Recicled Partisclese Snow/120 g,Curious Metal Pearl/120 g, Matt, Art Digigold/130 g, Super bright, Art/120 g

Supervisor: Szabolcs Süli-Zakar
PRESSCIPE | book design