Since We Last Spoke
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    A selection of work from 2011-2012
Since We Last Spoke
Selected Work from 2011–2012
Astral Static
For this piece I was envisioning the way we relate to personal electronics. It’s getting to the point where are hands are merely used to manipulate technology rather than as tools themselves. As such, there is a lot of noise and static in are environment which prevents us from experiencing deeper meaning both within and outside ourselves.

This piece explores the relationship between the individual and their place in time. Ideas of eternal recurrence and reincarnation are suggested.

Collaboration with Justin Maller

Throughout history, many forms of life have inhabited caves and used them for different purposes. Human beings have lived, created, and explored these cavernous places. The feeling one has within these rocky structures is utterly unique. Everything from the damp smell to the glaring darkness enlivens one’s senses.

For this piece, my idea was to juxtapose the organic rocky structures of a cave with modern geometric forms. This loosely represents our relationship to nature, and our continual quest to better understand history and time.
The Alternative of Two

Personal experiment combining rocky structures with geometric and found imagery.

The basis of this piece was a sound card. The overall idea is a world made up of audio components.

As I thought about echos, I kept coming back to the idea of an echo chamber. In this case, I was trying to envision the sounds within this geometric form and all the aural interactions that could occur between organic and structural shapes.

This piece is an exploration between nature and man made design. I thought about the echoes one might hear in a mountain canyon and thought it would cool to juxtapose that sort of imagery with the circuitry of a artificial machine. The details around the shape are based on a vintage amplifier schematic.
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