A campaign I got to work on from A to Z, from shooting, directing, editing & graphics, for Kuwait Television's and The Ministry of Information Social Media accounts for the International Day of People with Disability, highlighting some of the most courageous Kuwaitis who did not let their disability stop them from accomplishing their dreams. Enjoy.
"The greatest accomplishment is when the world admires your country because of you. So do good for you country and leave a positive trial behind you."
- Tariq Al-Qallaf, International fencer.
"If we avoid facing our fears they will haunt us all our lives. So the best way to overcome your fear is to face it."
- Faisal Al-Mosawi, professional diver, entrepreneur, founder of Move To Improve &
 a human development coach.
"Spread hope even if everyone around you drowned you with defeat."
- Homoud Al-Ayathi, Body builder 
"Even if you failed once, Smile and never give up.  Always be optimistic so you can be happy and successful in life."
- AbdulRahman Al-Azmi, Table tennis champion & a motivational speaker. 
"the phrase "you can't" motivates me to prove people wrong."
- Saja Al-Azmi, First Kuwaiti to win the silver middle in the Asian cup for archery and badminton. A disability rights activist.
"Every one wants to live on the peak of the mountain not realising that true happiness lies in climbing it".
- Osama Kamshad, The first and only Middle Eastern sky diver, ranked third internationally.
"Every one is talented and it is your job to discover what yours is and use that talent to help yourself and your community."
- Shatty Al-Shatti, Photographer & a Psychology professor.
"Never give up. You don't know when you are destined to achieve your goals."
-Fahad AL-Mowaizri, International champion, Poet and a host on Kuwait Television. 
"Don't let other people's opinions bother you. let them motivate you to become stronger."
-Mitib Al-Fathli, first Blind Kuwaiti Host.
"I strive to prove to the world that Kuwait, was, and still is the humanitarian centre of the world, through my work in Kuwait AL-Khair newspaper."
- Kholoud Al-Mutairi, Phycologist, certified human development coach & a former player in the Kuwaiti Disabled Team.
"Disablity is a blessing from God which pushes us to achieve our goals no matter how hard the obstacles get".
- Sarah Al- Marhoun, Disability rights activist, two time winner of the Excellence and creativity award of his Highness Sheik Ahmad Al-Jabir Al-Subah.