Moonlike Icy Lakes
Explore the uncharted territories - take a walk on a frozen lake surface any time of a year.
54°03'07.9"N 23°53'03.8"E
54°02'19.0"N 24°04'58.1"E
54°02'30.1"N 24°05'12.1"E
54°02'03.8"N 24°04'30.0"E
54°03'13.0"N 23°53'06.0"E​​​​​​​
53°58'58.1"N 24°06'16.9"E
54°00'50.0"N 23°58'23.9"E
54°02'20.0"N 24°05'02.0"E
53°58'54.8"N 24°06'15.1"E
54°03'11.9"N 23°53'03.1"E​​​​​​​
53°58'45.8"N 24°06'16.9"E
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