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    Best moments compilation - Playboy Abroad: Adventures with Photographer Ana Dias Show
Here is the “Best Of” video of my adventures around the world, shooting the most beautiful models for Playboy!
We went to 24 different countries in a year!!

I’m so happy that it happened to me! I can’t be more glad, more proud, more fortunate!
I want to thank all that made it possible. Specially my super team: Gonçalo Jorge, Filipe Figueiredo and Marta Mota, that always supported me through out this adventure. My energetic travel agent, José de Lemos, my amazing models and... Playboy, of course! Thank you Jimmy Jellinek, Brian Berkowitz and Cory Jones for making this real and giving me the most amazing experience of my life! 

Also thanks to:
Models: Caprice Castillo, Hellyda Cavallaro, Zoi Gorman, Carla Sonre, Dasha Snezhnaya, Olga de Mar, Priscilla Uchoa, Inês Silva, Jackie Almeida, Marcelle Mazzini, Corinne Piccolo, Paulina Mikolajczak, Aimee Fogelman, Victoria Pachold, Elisabeth Paschold, Ausrine Olivia, Marisa Papen, Angelina Boyko, Sara Coelho, Olga Kobzar, Anna Raise, Bianca Gerth, Angelina Wachowska, Kristina Boyko and Jasmine Jardot. You were the best!

Clarisse Fernandes, Adelino Santos, Kika Antunes Teixeira, Ana Duarte, António Duarte, Pedro Teixeira, Carmen Araújo, Luís Filipe Borges, Dina Hunter, Neuza Vicente, Ana Cristina Antunes, Sabina Ali, Filipe Magalhães, 
Lukasz Zylka, Eva Mrozowska, Sergey Bogaitsev, Kseniya Lebed, Sergey Lenin, Faina Pikus,  Flávia Molina, Andrély Corrêa, Leticia De Agostino, Marcelo Trevisan, Kei Izumi, Yoyo Lin, TienYen Wu,  Zoe Elizabeth, Roger Vab der Veer, Silviu Săndulescu, Eddie Tone, Josepha Schubert,  Teresa Almeida, PJ Nixon, Julian Gibson, Zaafira Bowleg, Pimpisara Jewpattanagul, Maria Martins and Alan Ladachowski!

I love you.

And check out all the episodes here: www.playboy.com