task | light
the light that lets you focus on your task
The task | light was designed as part of a student project at Victoria University of Wellington's School of Design. The brief given to students was to take an existing lighting device and redesign major components of the device to create a different aesthetic, context, function, atmosphere, or other quality.

The task | light serves as a 'lazy person's desk lamp', combining the function of a desk light and desk. When faced with the difficult dilemma of wanting to remain comfortable, while completing desk tasks, the task | light is the perfect solution. Powered by LED lights, the task | light can be used while lying in bed, on the couch, sitting on a bean bag, and allows the user to complete small detail tasks such as writing or sketching in a moleskin notebook, or sewing. All in the comfort of their own personal space, without having to resort to the rigidity and limitations of a desk. Not only this, it allows individuals to work without disturbing their surroundings, as the light is focused precisely on the task at hand.