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    Food styling and photoshooting for different projects and clients during 2016
Check out my insta profile @sergiolaskin for more recent works!

Not being a professional food photographer, i usually don't share my entire food projects. But 2016 gave me plenty of chances to meet new people and create some great sets.

Please see the most recent food styling and photosession for London based startup - Food in Jars
Thanks to Max Zaharenkov from AirNinjas for this opportunity!

Can't say it's a project, more like accidental fun for great local place - Coffee and Concept (Jurmala, Latvia)
Their attitude and attention to details is just marvelous!

Pretty dramatically looking project for Tallink hotel's restaurant Elements (Riga, Latvia).
Main idea was to show 4 elements - Earth, Fire, Water and Air. You can see first 2 elements.

Enjoy some of my authentic projects - little photoshoot for restaurant Armenia (Riga, Latvia).

And some more colorful joy from georgian restaurant Alaverdi (Riga, Latvia).

The photoshooting i've done for hotel Le Dome (Riga, Latvia) in order to promote winter alcoholic cocktails. 
Was shooting that in a spa, because it's the only place that had a natural light source :)
Check out my insta profile @sergiolaskin for more recent works!