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    photos of my cut paper illustration for a gallery showing
The Amazing Britos
A visual story of my family (photos of illustrations)
Family- an important part of our past and our present with some keys to our future. Some traditions pass from generation to generation while other traditions evolve incorporating society advancement as well as individuality. The role of motherhood is shaped by trial and errors, the many don'ts and the notable do's. The dreams and memories of our mothers are told in stories to remind us of who they are and in essence, who we are. Mothers have lost children and children have lost mothers but through the tears and tales, family is still family.

While my family has had a complicated past, "The Extraordinary Britos" gallery show emphasizes the unique quality of each person in a playful manner. This is my grandfather, the man who called me Lucy and played little tricks. This is my grandmother, the woman who'd fill my stomach with wonderfully rich rice and beans. This is my mother, the one who's taught me to be a mother with love and compassion. These are my aunts and uncles, who's laughter is most memorable and genuine. I've found they all laugh despite opposing circumstances.
Madame Nina- The Beautiful Storyteller

my mom, who loves to tell stories of the past, present and future...
Guadalupe Junior the Intoxicating Organ grinder

My uncle, who loves music, animals, and has the best laugh I ever heard!
Delia- Lady of Lions

My late aunt, who could handle many things and still have a love and heart to serve people
Danny the Amazing Sword eater

My uncle who would come over and buy TONS of candy and gourmet foods and share [and eat and laugh]
Richard- The Strongest Man Alive

My uncle, who is fit and strong! He was also in the military and as a kid, I remember looking a the the books with his photos in it!
Allie the Stunning Acrobat

My aunt, who is quite adventurous and the traveler... She also has a couple of tattooes which i know isn't rare but one of my only aunts/uncles who does...
Cesar- World's first Half man/ Half Robot

My uncle, who I remember worked on cars and fixed them... He once had a black dog which I couldn't pet but he would be in the yard between my grandpa's house and the back cottage
Ana- The shortest woman on Earth!

My late grandmother who was indeed short. She had long hair too but many times it was in a bun. She also had a half smile and distinct eyebrows.
Guadalupe- The Incredible Merman

My late grandfather who loved to fish. He often went to various lakes but Lake Geneva is the one I remember most talked about. He caught catfish a LOT...