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AdRA / Design Strategy
Class: Project in Strategic Design / Tutors: Álvaro Sousa + Miguel Palmeiro
1st Cycle Degree in Design / Aveiro University (2012) 
This project was created as a response to a protocol signed between the Aveiro University and AdRA - Águas da Região de Aveiro, the water company responsible for the Aveiro district. They wanted to establish a closer relationship with their costumers, which was pretty much restricted to a monthly bill and nothing else, and asked Design students for help. Their request was just a mascot, but we endend up doing an entire design strategy and communication campaign that we feel would help them reach their costumers' sympathy and trust - by teaching them how to save water and money in these times of economic crisis. The "2013 - Ano de Poupança" ("2013 - Year of Saving") Campaign has products directed to adults and children and was designed to make people treasure water and the service provided by AdRA.
Creation of the officional mascot for AdRA.
Official logo for the whole campaign.
Brochure with equipments and tips on how to save money and water, containing a pullout cupon that would give a discount on the purchase of these equipments on selected brands/stores.
Monthly bill redesigned and with a better layout so that the information can be easily read and quickly understood by the costumers. Includes also some advices on how to save water.
Series of 3 billboard posters wich address how tap water is better for the consumer than bottled water: it's cheaper (thus the € sign); with more quality control (thus the eye); and less pollutant and more environmentally friendly (thus the water drop).
Sticker to be glued on sinks, related to the three aspects showcased in the billboard posters above.
Public installations that would be displayed in the bathrooms of malls, train stations and other places with great influx of people. They're created to make people aware of the work done by water companies in providing such an essential service and also of the amount of money wasted on bottled water. On the floor is written "Money doesn't fall out of the sky. Neither does the water."
Board game inspired by the famous goose game. Special spaces with actions related to saving water would make players move forward faster and spaces with actions that caused wasting water or buying bottled water would make them go back. This game was to be distributed in schools where children could play with it, learning about saving water while still having fun.
Certificate and Water drinker for children to use in taps, making it more fun to drink water. Both are given to each kid, by their professor, after they learn the importance of water companies and the need to save water on their daily routine.
Final PDF presentation, showed to our teachers and the company's representatives.