Sauce Dipping Cups Mockups
Eight sauce flavors in highly detailed mockups: Ketchup, BBQ, Creamy Ranch, Mustard, Sweet-n-Sour, Wasabi, Sweet Chilli and Spicy Buffalo.

In additionals, Two mockups: Closed Sauce Dipping Cups with Metallic and Glossy Finish. 

Smart Object that's the way for apply your design, which will follow form of the foil's shape.

Dipping Cups are separated from the background, that's let you put it on any background.

Files contains next levels:

— Highlights and shadows (Editable via Levels, Exposure or any other Ps Tools),
— Smart Object for your designs,
— Beauty Sauce,
— Separated Drop Shadow,
— Editable White Background.

You can purchase them here:


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