Nikolai Bogomolov, known as NickBee, is engaged in production for over five years. His first digital EP was released in 2006 on the American label, Black Reign LTD. After that, the young musician career gained momentum, and soon he began to be published in Subculture, Modulate, Ammunition, Blackseeds, Golden Orb, and Tam Records.

In 2010 the German label Basswerk presented the collaboration of NickBee Enei and Kano, and the label Sinuous released a joint track with producer Malk, who has successfully cooperated with Nicholas in present times. In the near future, plates with their compositions and remixes will be released on one of the most respected drum 'n bass record labels now - Invisible Records (NL), Apexx Records (UK) and Icarus Audio (USA). In addition, the Revolution Records plans to release NickBee's album in collaboration with Sunchase, and solo tracks by NickBee are coming soon on Unknown Error Digital (UK) and Contaminated (UK) as a digital release.

Talent of Nikolai has received the recognitionon the international drum & bass scene, His tracks are regularly rotated in sets of Noisia, Bailey, Spectrasoul, Loxy, Mindscape, Jade, The Upbeats, Ed Rush and other luminaries of the genre. Today NickBee is one of the few musicians of Ukraine, working in most modern areas of drum and bass.