During the season which leaves one with little to no time, space, and comfort to happily practice the outdoor activities, one finds ways to fill his indoor time with other activities, preferably something time-consuming, frustrating, and difficult, but equally rewarding when complete.

My project of choice for this purgatory of a beginning of a year was to finish my series of classic Lancia dashboards. The models chosen were some of Lancia's specially bred rally spawns. Staking up serious wins, they were regarded as some of the most influential vehicles in rallying history. Equally impressive on the inside, the instruments behind the steering wheel tell the story of what kids today might call UI design. Terms aside, I always enjoyed analyzing the different ways in which people see fit to arrange such information-givers, and by combining that with another great love of mine - classic rally cars - visual satisfaction was within reach.

Having done the work, I now spend my time comparing print types, paper types, frame colors and other tiny details so I may give these little guys the bling they need to shine on anyone's office, bedroom, living room and/or garage.