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    This is a project that I did for My Creating Brand Experience class at Full Sail University
Concept 1:
Welcome to Porky’s Wursthaus, a fine dining establishment of the wurst kind! Meet Porky, the head spokes boar for the restaurant. His mounted head stands 40 feet tall above the entrance of the Bauhaus inspired building design. This restaurant is German themed in the wurst way. Porky’s Wurst Haus will feature over 10,000 styles of wurst and the finest German Beer. As this is a for-profit eating establishment serving fine german sausage and selling german sausage eating accessories, your money will be accepted at numerous points of sale. The animal theme continues throughout the place to the melodious squealing from the Oompah Band that is dressed as wild boar. Watch out, sometime they get a little unruly during the Wiener Schnitzel polka! Upon entry, everyone will be given a set of lederhosen and a felt hat to truly experience Porktoberfest every day of the year.
Need a beer? We have Beer…all of the premium German Beers on draft, in bottles or even in giant kegs. We can arrange for shipping via Allied Truck lines.
The menu is nothing but wurst, wurst, WURST!!! Over 500 different types of the finest Wurst will be on offer. From a single brat, to a station wagon full of wurst, Porky’s can fill you right up!
There will be something for everyone at Porky’s. While you’re enjoying a Spaten Optimator and a Bockwurst, why not let the kids play in “The Future Wurst Petting Pen”. Dozens of cute little wild boar piglets for the kids to chase after and feed. Get em fat, you’ll be eating them later!

Onliness Statement: Animall is the only animal themed shopping mall in the Orlando, FL area that provides a unique and fun shopping experience to the millions of tourists that visit each year, through a little magic and whimsy.
Brand Promise: To provide a shopping experience unlike any other through the whimsy and uniqueness of our animal themed stores.
Concept: Porky’s Wursthaus
Name: Porky’s Wursthaus
Alt 1: Porky’s Wurstwarenhausen
Alt 2: Porky’s Shoppe
Onliness Statement: Porky’s Wursthaus is the only Bavarian themed restaurant where the wurst is treated as der Konig, so that international tourists in Orlando, FL can be treated to the finest Wurst this side of Bavaria to satisfy their appetite for fun and excitement while dining.
Brand Promise: To provide a unique shopping and dining experience with a Bavarian theme through the whimsy and uniqueness of our Wurst themed stores.
Slogan: Come to Porky’s Its the Wurst
What If Proposal: What if there was a world ruled by Wurst? Imagine 40,000 sqft of the finest German Wurst and Wurst eating accessories? Welcome to Porky’s Wursthaus, where we have recreated Bavaria right here in Orlando. A place where the wild boar is der Konig. Porky’s Wursthaus is your can’t miss stop for music, fun and the finest Wurst this side of Munich. Its a place where Wurstoberfest never ends. Handsome lads and buxom fräulines greet you as you enter and take you through the enormous bierhalle with our world famous Boar Boys Oompah Band cranking out fun polkas. There is something for everyone from the Wurstulator, to the Future Wurst Piggy Petting Parlor there is something for everyone.
A simple, efficient and minimalist Bauhaus building design, will give way to the magical world of Bavaria cast in the bright blue and white of the Bavarian flag, with a little black gold and red thrown in, to tie in the German theme of the restaurant. The restaurant will feature Bauhaus inspired designs for all of the store fixtures. Everything from the drinkware, flatware, tables, toilets - everything will have Bauhaus inspired design behind it. Even the lederhosen will have a little of the Bauhaus inspiration behind them.
A note about the Bauhaus inspired grey block building. The building will have the external appearance of a very industrial factory. Solid grey walls, with the only black being the long rectangular frontage windows. The entrance is placed on the corner of the building to provide a larger opening and when customers step into the alcove, they will be greeted by the first warmth the structure will offer in large cleanly designed wooded doors. There will be an air of structuralism and utilitarianism in the external design and frontage. The surprise and whimsy comes when you pull the handle of the door to reveal a bright and happy world of Wurst.
Part Art, a whole bunch of fun and lots of music will be the driving force behind Porky’s WurstHaus. You will want to come over and over again in the Wurst way!!!
Porky’s Wurst Haus will feature:
    •    The Boar Boys Oompah Band
    •    Sausage (wurst) as far as the eye can see
    •    Its Wurstoberfest every day of the year
    •    Make your own wurst area- combine the ingredients, toss them in the Wurstulator and 2 minutes later you have your own custom wurst
    •    The Future Wurst Piggy Petting Parlor - where kids can chase and play with future wursts
    •    Beer, beer and more German beer
    •    There will be lederhosen, Bauhaus inspired lederhosen