Ball State’s electronic field trips aims to take kids on a virtual trip to teach them more about a particular subject. To celebrate Indiana’s bicentennial, this field trip took elementary students on a journey to learn about the state’s history. An educational app was created to be used in the classroom to teach kids in a fun interactive way. In addition, a website including teacher materials and more was made along the app to help provide more information and lesson guides. A live show was broadcasted from the State Museum that expanded on the activities in the app and was meant to serve a event for the kids to look forward to to teach them all about the pioneers of Indiana.

I played a role in helping design and create a select number of activities and assets for the app. In addition, I was part of the live show crew. My role was to help organize graphics to be used during the broadcast and ensure that they got pushed out at the proper times in order to enhance the viewing experience.
These badges could be added to a virtual passport so students could later explore more activities based on content taught during the live show.
An example of an activity that could be further explored from viewing the badges.
Another reading activity about content taught in the live show.
A third bonus content activity that allowed students to be more interactive.
A shot of me working to help organize graphics during the live show.