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    How ten little islands in the Atlantic make up a unique country with its groovy people and unexpected landscapes

The legend says that when God was about to finish his task of creating the world, he shook his hands to clean some dust particles. It seems that ten of these small grains of dust landed off the Western Coast of Africa, and turned into ten beautiful islands. This archipelago is Cabo Verde, where the music diva Cesária Évora was born. We are at her birthday island, São Vicente...

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images by ©Miguel Pinheiro
(all images are copyrighted and cannot be used without written permission) 
The local volcano creates a lunar visual with some strange rock formations.
From 1939 to 1945 the world was caught in a spiral of violence with the Second World War. And "World War" truly means that in many other places across the globe conflicts sparked. The inhabitants of São Vicente, under portuguese rule, defended the entrance of the bay with a battery of canons. The island was one important refuel point in the Atlantic. In the background, a tiny island named locally "Djéu", with a church on top.
The ever-growing outskirts landscape offer a paradoxal view, after some time one can't figure out if the houses grew in the spaces left by the mountains, or if it was the other way around. 
If ones is really keen to discover São Vicente, one can't miss his most wildest scenary...
A tiny island filled with contrasts, from the colonial times to the most stable democratic system in Africa, this is an unique country, with loads of groove.