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    cabinetry design components used and enhanced in in new handout for initial company promotion
former In-showroom Designer
** Created initial company handouts for impending Builder's Show. **
A few years ago I helped a start-up kitchen cabinetry company get up and running, supporting the outside sales personnel.  There was a builder's show coming up, and although we had manufacturers' brochures and handouts, we  did not have anything about our showroom itself.

I created a one-page handout:

* taking the black-and-white computer-generated
perspective (see below)  ...
* from the 20/20
plan design (see one example below) of our displays ...
* manually added color and shading details with colored pencil
   (original drawing is only approx 3" high)
*scanner was not working so I cut/pasted original colored perspectives onto the MSWord handout, upon    which I had included key introductory info about our services, etc., as shown on below.