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    A Black Sorcerer from Bahia (Brazil)

There's a wide invisible world that surrounds us all, inside out. 
Some of us seem to have been blessed and are able to create channels of communication to that hidden side, and fulfil our hopes, fears, and expectations. 
Some choose to believe in these special skills, they call it esoteric, holistic, divine, mystical, or cabalistic... to others is just a trick.
I went to meet Zé do Bidiu, a black man from Bahia (Brazil) that as a special sensitivity: he can read one's life in the shells...

>>> more photographs, videos and stories available upon request (miguel@miguelpinheiro.com)
images by ©Miguel Pinheiro
(all images are copyrighted and cannot be used without written permission)
The Sorcerer's holy tools are no science fiction... One can see in the image a mixture of drums used for religious ceremonies, catholic saints, afrobrazilian religious figures, a family album and a poster of Sylvester Stallone!
Closer to where he keeps his shells, a variety of saints watches everything in the room.
He prays, he closes his eyes, and throws the shells to the table. The shells are scattered on the cotton cloth. He sweats heavily. He repeats the gestures over and over again, until suddenly he starts to talk.
A striking painting of an enlightened messenger.
Zé do Bidiu.