Project description:

Roady is one the brand stores from the group Intermarc
hé, that sells car products and services in car repairing and maintenance.
To celebrate 13th aniversary of Roady, they asked us (Wiz Interactive), to came up with an ideia that would bring closer costumers to the brand, but in emotional way.

So we came up with "O Meu Primeiro Carro" (My First Car). It's Facebook app that works like a memories album, where people could share with the "world" what was their first car, and tell the adventures and memories from that period in time.The app beside being an album, also worked has a competition to see who could share the more sptecalucar photo/history of their first car, because by doing that, you could also win a car, the iconic model from Wolkswagen, Beetle or in portuguese "Carocha". 
What a prize!
In the end of the campaign, we saw what a magnific photo album it turned out.With some funny stories in the middle.

Also with great results, with near 300 pictures and histories shared in our album.

Project team:

Design - Bruno Rodrigues
Copywriter - Tatiana Albino
Flash - Pedro Valentim
Account Manager - Miguel Feliz
Creative Director - Nuno Mendes
Strategy Director - Joana Veiga