FITNESS 360 - 
Fitness 360 (formerly The Court Club) is Nacogdoches' first 24hr fitness center! Born out of a desire to create a great gym for the town, Fitness 360 combines a family-friendly environment with world-class work out facilities. Brand new amenities include a nutrition store, juice bar, child care, and private women's fitness area, as well as an updated weight room and lockers.  Fitness 360 offers a place where fitness can be achieved through many personalized options - a community center that has all aspects in one place.
Comcast Alliance for Diversity & Inclusion - A division of Comcast
LIVESTRONG 4 DELAWARE - Lance Armstrong Foundation’s Delaware chapter
The Parachuting Apostles - Rock band
The Wendy Williams Experience - Radio & Television personality
Chaos Room - Progressive rock band
Tripped & Falling - Punk rock band
Event Chic - Special events and concierge services
Incert Coin - Hard rock band / first logo
Incert Coin - Hard rock band / second logo
The Aden/Washington Group - Philanthropic consultants
The Multicultural Affairs Congress - Global Fusion Festival 2012 event logo
Autumnlin Designs - Fashion designer
SignalFive - Interactive Development and Strategy
Old Man Cactus - Soft rock band
Heartless Revival - An independent ready to wear fashion and accessories label that offers Victorian style combined with 
the aesthetic of Tokyo (Harajuku) street fashion
Club Platinum - Philadelphia night club
Amachi - A unique partnership of secular and faith-based organizations working together to provide mentoring to children of incarcerated parents
Tourmaline Blue - Singer/songwriter
Kill The Killer - Post-hardcore band
Andrew Charles Ganim (ACG) Metals - Metalwork
Lassiter and Associates - General practice attorneys
Gene Locust - Industrial band
Our Gym Share - Gym membership and healthy-living sponsorship program
Heartless Revival / apparel
Heartless Revival / hand bags
GRNDAPPLS / online collection of streaming rock from the island of Trinidad


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