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    Diaries of my great-grandfather from years 1914–1920 rewritten and illustrated by me.
Translated name of the book is The Rain Started at Dusk 
The book is composed from rewritten memories of my great-grandfather from the First World War a some years after
that he spent in Czechoslovak legions in Siberia (1914–1920).
This project contains all of the 65 illustrations I did for the book.

Štěpán Zadražil – 24. 12. 1888–22. 9. 1959
My great-grandfather in his hometown before war – 1914
Sarajevo, June 28, 1914
After forced enlisting in Austria-Hungarian army – 1914
Desertion – 1914
In Russian captivity  – 1914
Farming in captivity – 1915
Miner – 1915–1917
Farewell before enlisting in Czechoslovak units to fight Germans – 1917
Forming of Czechoslovak legions – 1917
Omsk – 1918
After that his diary ends.
Second one contains his boat trip home in the end of 1919, early 1920.

Near islands of Japan
Return home
After war with his wife Marie. Married in the year 1920.
Some of many sketches.
And templates for final drawings below.

Never used previous versions of same motives.
First version of drawings. More detailed, but it looks flat.
Actual book.
Published in 2016 by Take Take Take
192 pages
Print run – 500 copies
ISBN 978-80-906111-8-4
Fonts: Reblog, Tabac
Original writings by my great-grandfather.
K večeru spustil se déšť — Štepán Zadražil, Jindřich Janíček
First three photos: Puf Creatif
© 2016; Take Take Take