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The Problem With Cheap MOTs And Car Repairs

We all love a bargain, but when it comes to your vehicle, some bargains could be a false economy. Your MOT test is no exception. Whether you are looking to book an MOT, car service or car repairs in Bellshill, it pays to focus on quality of service as much as cost.

Vehicle owners are somewhat of a captive audience for the MOT trade. Failing to get your vehicle MOT’d is against the law, and with this captive audience in mind, garages know they can get away with charging a very low price for an MOT test - some we have seen have been charging as little as £15! However, this low price begs the question - just how does that garage turn over a profit? Well, the answer is usually in high cost repairs. Some more unscrupulous garages will even fail your vehicle on purpose so that they can get more money for car repairs.

Choosing A Cost Effective MOT In Bellshill

A wise choice when booking your MOT in Bellshill is to find out as much as possible about the garage in question and to obtain some word of mouth recommendations. Then you can look at the price and decide whether it is fair. It is also worth finding out as much as you can about potential labour costs should your vehicle need to have work carried out in order to pass its MOT. A good quality garage will be up front about this information and more than happy to give you a good idea of the type of prices you might be looking at.

It’s not only MOT prices that can be subject to misuse. If you need to arrange a car service in Bellshill, again look into the quality of the garage and the prices. Annual maintenance on your vehicle needs to be carried out to the highest standard, to not only protect you and others on the road, but to also protect the value of your vehicle. A car with a full service history from a reputable garage will help you to make more money when the time comes to sell or part-exchange.

Car Repairs In Bellshill You Can Trust

When you are looking for a garage you can trust, and prices you can afford, make sure you come direct to Drive Motors. We offer expert service, years of experience and some of the most affordable prices for car repairs and car service in Bellshill today.