Discover the hidden treasures of Austria and its capital Vienna. KARAN SINGH and I collaborated with the Viennese Design Studio SEITE ZWEI and made giant lenticular prints to welcome traveller at the Airport Vienna. The illustrations morph from daily life situations into Austrian and Viennesse traditions. Each artwork got a secret hint to Austria's great offerings. 

Did you know a good pair of lederhosen will last a lifetime?
Wiener sausages are famous all over the world. 
Except in Vienna, where they’re known as Frankfurters.
Want to feel the sand between your toes in the heart of Vienna? 
Easy with 50km of beaches to choose from.
Don’t think Bärli, Salamander and Dragon Franzi are mythical creatures of Austrian legend. 
They’re ski school mascots.
Did you know that the Sachertorte was invented by a 16-year-old cooking trainee?
Austria’s got the most alpine ski world champions. And lots of world-class ski areas too.
Austria’s got so much drinking water you can even swim in it and cruise on it in sailboats or pedalos.
Vienna’s city center buses are powered sustainably. Either by electricity or horse.
Since the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest hetero and homosexual couples have been 
turning heads on traffic lights.
Vienna Airport Project – Secretgallery