Create Democracy Exhibition/Book
Aiming to create the ultimate democratic exhibition Create Democracy invited designers and illustrators to submit their visual interpretation of the theme of Democracy and those with the most votes will be featured in the exhibition as part of Design Event. All qualifying entries are showcased on the website and you can then vote for your favourite. 

We have submitted two entries, the first called 'Abstain' is simply based on two shapes synonymous with political campaigning in red and blue are overlapped to create a 'grey area' in which you can abstain from voting, a simple graphic explanation of your options in a democracy.

The second entry is called 'Definition' Is based upon Wikipedia's definition of the term democracy. Democracy as a term ironically cannot be agreed upon so we created a poster which shows this in a way which highlights 'democracy' and 'no democracy' as it flows down depending on which way you read it. The tape graphic simply references at the looseness of the term 'Democracy' and the fact it has no agreed universal meaning.

*Update Both of our submissions were featured in the Create Democracy Exhibition and will be featured in the accompanying book as part of Design Event. Event photos used with permission fromCreate Democracy

Create Democracy Created by Sumo.