— Gig (RGB)

Graphic design

Presented as a homage to CMYK color model, this set of four different A3 posters made as promotion for the Gallius — an acoustic alternative music project lead by slovene songwriter Marko Galič — concert at Galerija Meduza in Koper (Slovenia) plays, through the depiction of four different wavy illustrations and the use of the ‘offset printing’ primary colors, around the theme of acoustic (r)evolution(s). The acoustic gig in question was devoted to the exploration of the experimentation in music, all accompanied by texts that touch on social thematics and revolutionary issues.
So here came out the idea to create a motto that plays with the words ‘evolution’ and ‘revolutions’. All around this slogan there developes the graphic design for the show, which fully encapsulates the beliefs guiding the artist: solicit in a sympathetic way both the importance of political statements expressed by a musician in his songs and the amusing variety of expressive possibilities given by music itself.


The ‘vawy illustrations’ are on Freepik.


Art direction → Aleš Brce
Graphic design → Aleš Brce
Copywriting → Aleš Brce