Chat with professional lettering artists as they share their process creating hand drawn typography.
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    Cutting edge is the expertise group of management, artists & designers with the sole objective of making the best art forms.
A beautiful art piece signifying love, made out of single white marblpiece carved in a shape giving image as three curved trangular marblepieces aqre entangled toghter. 
Sculpture of a male and female inspired from rural India, made on a metal base through clay.  
A clay momento based on Balancing, the base of whole universe. Boy in the pose of fielder to catch                 the ball and about to fall on ground.
Showpiece made of a metal Bronze,having two open ends on top, can also give look of a flower pot when flowers are decorated or placed on it.                     
A decorative piece made of clay.
Idol of Lord Buddha made through fibre.