Lone Wolf Cycling
Apparel geared towards the adventure driven cyclist.
This is the manifesto of the Lone Wolf Cycling apparel project - Lone Wolf Cycling goes beyond the act of riding alone. It is a philosophy of breaking free from the routine of everyday life. To pursue the freedom of charging through the dirt on two wheels. We do not need to be a walking billboard or look like a typical racer. We just want to ride hard.

My role in the project has been apparel design, brand conceptualization,development, and implementation as well as quality control and manufacturer sourcing.  Market the company through website design, social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook), and e-mail newsletters (Mailchimp). Present product line at race venues and expos in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast region. Created traveling display booth which supports identity and showcases apparel. 

Manage Google Analytics and social media statistics to track strength and type of referral base and sources of incoming traffic. Consider ease of user experience including website architecture, navigation, and e-commerce purchasing.
LWC logo, simple, recognizable, and derived from a common shape occuring in the natural world
Our take on the classic stripe - The Striped Jawn kit
Camo, Oak leaves, and blaze orange - The Woodsman kit
Field Jersey - men and womens jerseys
Field Tee
Earth & Mountain cycling cap.
Earth & Mountain wool socks