Building Your Brand Through A Facebook Group
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Building Your Brand Through A Facebook Group
As we have seen in the past couple years, social media is becoming one of the biggest tools in marketing. It is now one of the best ways to promote your brand awareness, and build brand loyalty. Facebook especially, is a tool that should be utilized for your own company in building your brand's awareness, and be implemented in your Indianapolis SEO marketing strategy. But, advertising on Facebook alone is not enough anymore. Because of all of the ads that are run through it on a daily basis, your content can be drowned out by all of the “white noise.” Because of this, it may seem almost futile to advertise on Facebook, but there is a way to promote brand awareness while gaining brand loyalty at the same time. Enter Facebook Groups.

A Facebook Group is a closed Facebook page that allows you to connect with your fans or users in an intimate way. Plus, it can offer product support, help provide you with feedback on new potential products or services, and even help connect your users and followers with each other. Thankfully, creating a Facebook group is very easy to do. If you don't know how to do this, all you have to do is Google “How to create a Facebook Group” and follow the steps that are provided.
Once you have created your Facebook Group, you now need to gain followers. Unfortunately, currently Facebook does not allow you to invite members to join your group. It does however allow other members to invite their friends, pending administration approval. So, when inviting a member into the group it's best to send them a Facebook message or email explaining what the group is and why you think they should join. Remember, a Facebook group's main purpose is to give value to your followers and users. So, in your message given them a brief explanation as to how it could benefit them to join your group.

Next once you have your group set up and followers in place, you need to define your group's purpose. You can do this by starting to ask yourself questions like: “Do you want to connect people who are fanatical about a certain product?” “Are you looking to offer support for your product?” “Do you want to give people a space to vent or ask for advice?” These are all but a few examples of questions to ask yourself to define your purpose. Without a clear vision or purpose, your group will lack clear meaning, and make it so your users become bored and uninterested in what you have to offer.
Once you have a clear vision and goal in mind for your group, you need to remember that you must give more than you take. This is not a place for you just to market your brand, that's what your Facebook page is for. Instead, a group is used to provide your users with information, advice, or content that adds value to their lives. If you can accomplish this, you can create brand trust and loyalty that will make your users want to share your product even more.

The last thing you want to consider when creating a Facebook Group is making sure that you are continually starting conversations. Whether this is by sharing your success and asking your members to do the same. Asking your members where they are located in order to better connect them with each other. Or even sharing favorite memories or struggles and asking your followers to do the same.
Facebook Groups are an excellent, and inexpensive way to provide extra value to your users while promoting your brand awareness and building loyalty. So, as you start to develop your Indianapolis SEO marketing strategy for 2017, consider adding a Facebook group. Believe us when we say it's well worth the effort.