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    The Exhibition Stand Project for Nespresso at IFA 2016, Berlin, Germany

One of the most exciting projects in my career.
Working with so strong and well promoted brand as Nespresso is always the biggest luck for any designer, especially when you are allowed to design everything

The central element of the booth is the space where people can pick up the coffee capsules and try them at the display area. The tubes with a capsules are integrated in the real trunks of a trees that occupies the whole six meter high of the booth and work as a central attractive element of the design project
The general idea was to go out from the classical and quite Nespresso's exhibition style in direction of some more young and provocative design. But in the same time stay in a field of warm and comfortable interior design style.

One of the base ideas was to create a metal frame structure that separates the areas and gives the loft style look for the entire booth space. And then, inside these metal cages, to create a wooden boxes, showcases that will tell some interesting stories about Nespresso brand and its products

Doing research for that project was a pleasure. As soon as the style that I've choosed for Nespresso booth is really close to the style I personally really like. And collecting and chosing the ideas with warm wooden materials, metal frames, some loft styled bars and cafes is the thing that I can do infinitely
Creating a great looking, provocatively designed and in the same practical displays for the Nespresso coffee-machines this is a real challenge for a designer. 

The ideas was to create a crossing volumes that looks unbalanced bat stable in a real life. The wooden module can provide a sitting facilities and upper volume is used for displaying the products and serving the coffee.
A huge amount of the interior design work was done during the design process. The interior design language keep the classical Nespresso style and includes two levels with more than 700 sq.m. of meeting and B2B areas
Looking forward for more cooperation with such wonderful brand as Nespresso is.