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    Custom typography created for an inspirational phrase.
You're Either a Builder or a Breaker.
Client: Personal Project    Role: Designer, Typographer
While I was freelancing and seeking work, I sought to create more typographic works to keep up my design chops as well as gain more practice with custom type. 

I thought of a phrase "You're either a builder or a breaker" and sought to create a custom typeface for it. I created a slanted typeface and created the composition, along with several wallpapers. 

The whole inspiration behind this is that you're either doing something positive for this world or something negative. I was in a spot where I had no work and no immediate prospects. I could have sought a job at a starbucks and held up a white flag and stopped designing all together, or I could choose to be a builder and pour into the wonderful and vibrant community that is design. 

I chose to be a builder, and I'm glad that I did. I landed a great job shortly afterward. Be a builder.