Lenovo — Different is Better
We created a video and visuals to capture the joyous expression of LENOVO celebrating growth and opportunity. The video debuted at Lenovo’s top tech tradeshows, including SXSW.

Lenovo never stands still. Over the past couple of years, the tech giant purchased Motorola’s smartphones from Google, rebranded, and added other new products—all with a minimum of fuss. So, when we got the chance to help Lenovo and our friends at Ogilvy & Mather express the essence of this global brand, we were thrilled.

The colorful visuals and bursting logo exclaim rejuvenation and rebirth of creativity. A variety of tricky-to-work-with materials, several cameras shooting at different speeds, and lots of patience went into creating this piece for Lenovo. We have chosen a traditional way, no CGI in this piece!

The final burst of color was made possible by using Holi powder, which is used to celebrate Holi, a spring festival celebrated in parts of Asia. 
We never wavered because we knew it was worth it.
Client: Lenovo
Executive Creative Director: Philip Marchington 

Executive Creative Directors: Mike Hahn, Ryan Blank 
Creative Directors: Chris Rowson, Bastien Baumann, Lucas Carmago 
Directors: Geoff Levy, Justin Bettman, Sam Sulam 
Designer: Robyn Makinson 
Accounts: Ryan Laird, Katie Connolly, Brendan McGrath, Alexandra Wallace 
Senior Producer: Jessica Fiore 

Creative Production Studio: Ars Thanea 
Creative: Łukasz Zabłocki, Zuza Słomińska, Peter Jaworowski

Script: Łukasz Zabłocki, Zuza Słomińska

Director: Łukasz Zabłocki

DOP: Kajetan Plis

Art Director: Zuza Słomińska, Łukasz Zabłocki, Marcin Kowalski

Set Design: Zuza Słomińska, Aleksandra Gimla

Edit: Łukasz Zabłocki

Color: Łukasz Zabłocki, Frederick van Eeden

Music: Envee
Studio & Motion Control: Bites.
Executive Creative Director: Peter Jaworowski
Producers: Marcin Molski, Marta Król
Shootingboard: Michał Lisowski
Production Manager/Set Manager: Marta Król
2nd Production Manager: Tomasz Wachnik
Making of: Only Only
Business Development: Erik Semmelhack

Lenovo — Different is Better
Multiple Owners
Ars Thanea