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About Facebook Business Pages
The recent changes related to the FB business pages have given it a new layout in terms of adding three vertical columns, which are considered somewhat similar to a desktop website in the traditional sense. Similarly, the navigation on the left side is substituted with personalized tabs to provide you with convenience for the messages associated with the business. And the cover picture is neater in terms of the width and length option available for putting up the pictures. In simple words, the new changes are quite good on a desktop, however, when it comes to mobile phones; the 133 pixels are not accessible on the mobile devices, as the 563 pixels in the middle column for the posts is deemed as the good feature for mobile phones. In addition, the overlap of the profile picture is managed to make the cover picture seem appealing and clear in form of giving a clear message. Some of the experts’ call the changed option as logo image or the button for likeness.
As far as the role of like, share and follow buttons is concerned, some of the admin in the business seem mixed up due to the difficulty in distinguishing among the buttons. For example, if the user like your business page, he/she will be following your page as a default setting, while likeness is taken as a symbol of inclusion or sign that the person is part of the audience or tapped market. However, if the person has followed your page, it implies that the post you make will be seen by them. Moreover, if a person has decided not to follow your page updates, but the person has liked your page, the post made by admin will not be visible to the person; however, she/he will continue to be one of the members of the audience. Furthermore, there are two main types of options available for following a page. One of the options is the default and the other one is ‘see first’. The second option allows the follower to keep track of the business wants, as the feed related to the business page is visible on the home page of the visitor. In simple words, the above-mentioned instructions can be summarized as four different choices.
If you have not liked a page and neither are you following: This means that you are not engaging with the pages available on facebook.
If you have liked a page and you are not following:  This implies that the user interested in your business is a member of the audience you are catering to; however, the posts made by the page admin will not be seen. In other words, you want to convince this niche of audience to not only follow your page but to subscribe to ‘see it first’ option
If you have Liked a page and you go for default following: If a person has merely liked the business page, it means that the algorithms used by Facebook to determine your priority or inclination towards the business will be done on the basis of your past interaction or interest and this is why the option of default following is set by the Facebook mechanisms. If you are an Amazon SEO expert, the same rule applies to you.
If you have Liked, and go for See ‘First’ following: This option is probably one of the best choices if your target audience falls into the category, it means that your marketing will be quite good, however, if the audience is not in this category, you are expected to change their minds. The main purpose is to make your posts seem visible in the feed of the users and to bypass the default option. Moreover, your users will also have the facility of being notified about the live video you post on the business page.
When it comes to the changes related to the profile picture, it is shifted to the left of the cover picture and renamed as the logo image which takes up the 160 pixels. The page name comes under the image logo along with page username, which has now options of Twitter links or names. If you are interested in enhancing the traffic on your business page, you can change the facebook or twitter name to match the two so that the option of @ will be in clusters with the facebook page name. This means that the administration and the process involved to complete it is different in the organizations. So if you use similar names for two accounts, the accounts on other sites will be followed or available for the users to follow in oder to enhance your visibility in addition to coordinating logo images of all social accounts.

On the left side list of tabs, the username is followed by the users. In addition, the sections of photos and videos on the left side have been discarded to make room for the tabs. The tab options for pictures, reviews, events and posts to be precise. Likewise, all the tabs have an option of putting URL and they can be made visible or concealed from the visitors’ in terms of providing better control. The list of priority can also be changed to alter the sequence visible to the visitors who will come on your page for the first time. To put simply, somewhat all the sections are shifted to the right side in terms of navigation and the options of personalization offered by the facebook, which is a new improvement. In addition, the ‘search for posts’ option is on the right side, which helps to provide the user with interesting choices. This means the users can easily search for specific things in terms of business opportunities or something else from the past posts. Additionally, the new layout design has no ads on the right side and it is considered an upgrade by many.
Although the new layout design has many interesting features or advantages, however, the demerits related to the layout cannot be denied either. For instance, when the page admin had the previous layout, the access to the pages on a desktop was easy in form of options for tags to include the relevant audience. However, after the new changes introduced, the reasons for posting have become diverse in terms of complicating the simple tasks. Of course, the role of page editors is relatively simple, as they can access the page from the personalized pages like they did in the old layout. For example, the latest nine options for posts and tagging is also present in addition to the middle box for facts related to the click rates and traffic input. However, when it comes to the role of the admin, it is quite difficult. For example, if the admin attempts to access the business page, the content of the page is visible to them but only as the outsider rather than complete information. Similarly, the option of quick posting requires a change in form of posting as the business, especially for the admin and the choice of nine posting related features is not provided to the admin in addition to the middle box of stats.