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    Identity rebranding system for Sorted NZ It was November of 2015, that saw Sorted NZ (a government funded) independent agency dedicated to helpi… Read More
    Identity rebranding system for Sorted NZ It was November of 2015, that saw Sorted NZ (a government funded) independent agency dedicated to helping every day New Zealander’s get ahead financially, undertake its first identity rebranding in its fifteen years of existence. Sorted’s core (free) product line, included online financial calculators, guides, forecasting tools and information around how to tackle some of the everyday financial struggles faced by New Zealander’s, in an attempt to positively impact the overall numbers, in relation to the amount of people who where in national debt. For fifteen years Sorted had been relying on its ‘mouse’ figurine as a key motivator in helping to drive people to their online tools, with the click of a ‘mouse’ in order to seek advice and hence ‘sort’ their financial numbers. However, fifteen years is a long time, and with the rapid change in technological/social behavioural trends over that space of time…it was time to catch up and bring Sorted into the new age. Sorted’s new, refreshed branding identity, designed in collaboration with Unsworth Sphered and Sorted NZ’s marketing team, sought the need for the re imagined brand to be truely representative of New Zealand and its diverse range of People/Cultures, by having a brand that was versatile/interchangeable in order to speak to specific groups when need be. In addition to that, a brand that could also be personalised/adapted to align closer with personal/organisational values of close partners that help fund sorted.  An example of this is one of the key features and most iconic parts of the refreshed identity, in being the new logo mark (a new take on the familiar dollar symbol). that has replaced the mouse figurine.The New logo mark aka the ‘dollar symbol’, not only serves as a universal, cultural/monetary symbol of finance but also strives with a newly incorporated feature, to put ‘people or an object of high value/importance at the centre of their finances’ (within the vertical running space), in order to complete the dollar symbol artwork. Hence making the logo mark capable, of communicating to a diverse range of people far more effectively than ever before.  The brand strives to be real, and representative of the lives of everyday New Zealanders, in terms of not only its tone of voice in relation to copy/content, but also in terms of brand imagery. This is achieved with the use of real/tactile object imagery (koru leaves, flax/weaving textures etc) that resonate strongly with New Zealands present and passed cultural identity, in order to give a more authentic, trustworthy and true New Zealand brand experience.  Read Less