Things that Expose Truth about Illegitimate Movers
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It’s a human nature to go for a deal that looks unbelievably favorable. While we consider purchasing anything from an unknown vendor, we often fall for the lower rates that no one else can possibly offer. Often times, these rates are too good to be true. Many people, after making such deals, consider themselves some sort of victorious but they realize the damage inflicted on them after the company or person they dealt with turns out to be a scam.

No let’s put this equation into a scenario when you are dealing with a moving company. The moving industry is no short of illegitimate movers who tend to earn money by tricking the customers. Their outlet is usually a website that usually looks pretty decent. Using this portal, they ask the customers to give their details upon which they give unbelievably lower price estimate through email or phone. After that, they come with a loading truck, load the goods, drive away and never show up along with the goods at destination.

Sounds horrible? It surely is but the good news is that there is an easy criteria check that you can run to determine the real status of a mover before making a deal. So, it’s really important to run a check, using these parameters, before you consider handing over your goods and newly purchased shipping supplies to a moving company you don’t really know much about.
Check the license
One of the most important things to know about illegitimate movers is that most of them fail to show their licenses. And even if some of them show you a copy, that’d be pretty doubtful. Remember, a complete set of documents related to license of a company can assure you that the company works under government rules and regulations. No license means you will have no chance to call the government for help in case the mover gets away with your possessions.
Price that is unbelievably lower
Moving costs higher and there is a good reason for that. You are moving your most valuable possessions to a distant place and you don’t want any of these items to get hurt or perish during this transition. So you ask for professional drivers and the vehicles that wouldn’t let your items to get damaged. It surely comes at a cost. Hence, if a company offers you the service in return for a price that is unbelievably lower as compared to other service providers in the area, it should raise the eyebrows.
Doubtful or no insurance
No matter how good the track record of a moving company is, they would always keep a complete set of verified copies of insurance documents. Thus, if a company fails to show you their insurance documents, there is a mighty chance that the company is not a legitimate one.
The physical location

Last but no way near the least, if a moving company doesn’t have a physical location, you can bet that it’s not a genuine moving company. Remember, a moving company with all of your possessions can shut down their website and turn the phone off after getting away with all of your possessions. At that time, you will have no means to contact that company.