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    "Super Sticky Ties! Unite" Competition
  • "Super Sticky Ties! Unite" is a nationwide competition organized by 3M Singapore. Participants are to create a wall mural using Post-it Notes. The theme is to express how the community can be made a better place through the developing of sticky ties and relationships. Through our design, we are to capture the essence of Youth, Vibrancy and Aspiration.

    For most of us Singaporeans, we won’t be unfamiliar with the old school playgrounds which were construcrted in the early 70s, especially the dragon-shaped playground at Toa Payoh.

    We picked these iconic and nostalgic playground structures to represent the sticky ties and relationships we built with not only our friends but also our family. As we grew up, we changed and became very wary of each other and this forms a cold society. By showing this image, we hope that it can relieve peoples’ memories of their childhood and remind us how we were all once kind and friendly towards everybody.

    Group project with Donna Fitri Lamsyah, Ivan Law and Izzat Rahmat.

    Award: Merit Prize
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