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The Project
To create two boards of 90 second launch video for Avolution, a mild super slim cigarettes brand. I was responsible for leading the project from the concept design to execution with designer Iker Hiro.

The project has gone through enormous changes over the design frames and I would like to show the progress step-by-step for each boards.

The Concept
During the development of the concept design, I made a lot of mistakes and turned out to be very interesting to keep them and work with them. And I like this playful way of developing work. Almost all the design is abstract, but for me there is always certain idea behind the pieces Iker Hiro and I develop and design. It's about principles that can be found all around us and we interpreted it as the basic theme of the brand launch video.

+ Avolution Launch Board 01
Agency likes what they see but want us to incorporate lines, squares and hints of green color into the design. The design frames with floral elements was not approved.

A short animation test.
The following changes have been made. Unfortunately,the client doesn't like the design.
The client was looking for a simple, clean and little more upbeat and fun.
Then, we developed and designed a series of mood board.
The agency was happy to finalize this design and move on to the animation.
Avolution Launch Board 01
+ Avolution Launch Board 02
Agency want us to incorporate the initial 'A' of the logo into the design.
Avolution Launch Board 02
Client: Sampoerna
Title: Avolution Launch
Post Production: MFX
Producer: Geoff Millichamp
Motion Designers; Suraj Bahadur , Iker Hiro