Poké Ball Gripper
We were tasked with creating a gripper to grip a manufactured Poké Ball (a painted sphere) with an off-center center of mass. The gripper had to be able to grip and un-grip a potentially infinite number of times. It also had to hold up the ~3lb Poké Ball as it was attached to a robotic arm providing a basic torque. Finally, it had to be installed in 90 seconds or less.

Using a hand-calculations, CAD modeling, FEA analysis, CNC, hand-milling, parts from McMaster-Carr, and 3D printing we created a prototype. With some iteration (including FEA-driven arm adjustments and a change in gripping strategy), we made a successful gripper that weighed 182 grams (0.40 lbs) and was able to support a variable load up to 9.1 lbf using only a drive shaft with maximum torque 0.96 ft-lb.

For testing day, using a cut-out head and pair of arms of actor Shia LaBeouf, we dressed up our gripper as Shia from this video.

Course: Engineering Design I

Varun Gadh
Genevieve Parker
Danielle Quan
Ellie Shin
Lenny Zhang