El Fenómeno
Design and direction for longform
I was tasked to create artwork for Bleacher Report's long form article on the 'original' Ronaldo, 'El Fenómeno'.

Conceptualising art direction based off the era in which both the piece is set and and in which Ronaldo was at his best— the mid-to-late 1990s— I wanted to echo the visual style of the time.

The merging of analogue and digital styles was becoming more and more apparent during the time; the internet was becoming more and more prevalent in day-to-day life, and yet analogue content was still the norm.

VHS was the main video format, 35mm film as still the go to. The digital revolution was still a ways away, and yet it was starting to make in-roads on popular culture.

The attempt below was to take visual resources of the time and hyper-stylise them to reflect the mediums of the time period the piece talks about.

Typography is warped as if the tape on which it is stored is melting, images are distressed with VHS effects and noise filters are applied to mess the images up just a little more and reflect the photography format of the moment.

To really drive home the point of merging visual cultures, a level of digital pixel glitching was layered and composited onto animated GIFs using AE Pixel Sorter. 

The full piece can be seen here:

a social video i put together to promote the piece across bleacher report's channels
a 10 second video that promoted the piece on Bleacher Report's Snapchat discover channel