Various lettering projects I've done. 
This was for a poster advertising training options at the University of Missouri for internal marketing. Left is the final used, while right shows the iPad sketched design. 

I started on the iPad with Draw for the lettering and Sketch for the watercolor blue (before they became Illustrator and Fresco). Then I moved to the desktop apps. I used Illustrator for a few adjustments, and then Photoshop for texture/shading. It was really very quick, but if I did this again now I wouldn't have to go to the desktop at all. 
The Letter X 
Hand drawn on paper and then digitally finished.
Created for a foster kid's birthday. He loved dinosaurs and his name begins with an X. 
More heart, less attack
This was a personal project to encourage peace. A speed painting video of the process is below the graphic. The entire project was done on an iPad Pro with a pencil.
Signs for a country home
I do some physical paint work as well. I added the lettering on both and painted the sunflower. A knot in the board worked perfectly for the center of the sunflower, although it meant making the lettering a little smaller.
Other Lettering Projects
J is for Jaguar 
This was a gift for a friend's new son who's name starts with J. The large letter J was drawn on paper and brought in using the Capture app. The Jaguar text is modified type. The Jaguar image was created from a photo I took. 
Love Squared - iPad brushes in Procreate