Five italian painters, five friends, they decided maybe just for fun, to re-imagine a sculpture of the classical tradition preserved in a beautiful Museum in Rome.
Each of them with its own style, its own history and its sensitivity.
Thank you all: Prospero, Paco, Paolo, Maurizio to have realized this project with me.
Maurizio Bondesan (Ludovisi Throne) mixed media on carton, cm 50x70
Prospero Calciano (The Ludovisi's maid saved from the waters) Charcoal plus burnt sienna lavis on old linen, cm 88x110
Lavis a terra di siena   
Paolo Drovandi (Ludovisi Throne) charcoal on paper
Paco Falco (Ludovisi) Acrylic on canvas, cm 60x90
Barbara Monacelli (Birth, Bath, Dressing of Venus)
watercolors on paper, cm 50x70

Inspired by Trono Ludovisi /Ludovisi Throne (450 - 460 a.C.)
Palazzo Altemps, Rome