21.2695° N, 157.8196° W 
7.0667° N, 171.2667° E
Oahu to Majuro
Pacific Ocean

An island is an oasis in the vast desert of the ocean. From the tourist speckled shores of Oahu to to the low lying atoll of Majuro, we spent 14 days to go the 2400 miles between these two dots of land. Sailing is a pure form of travel, working with the wind waves and stars to move us across the unimaginable expanse of blue/grey/black/gold ocean. You fall into the rhythm of the water, day rise and nightfall blend into each other. There is no ego out there.

Oahu is a volcanic island of nearly 1,000,000 people. Majuro is a low lying atoll of 16,000. One is a bastion of tropical tourism, the other is an eroding relic of Pacific imperialism. Majuro is a place where garbage and graves form the wall between houses and the ocean. A place where pigs run free and sharks swim amongst commercial tuna fleets. Brackish salt air and cigarettes and diesel fumes in the sun. Rusting ships and thatched huts and crumbling concrete. A place being erased off the map with each wave.  

This series is a collection of rolls accumulated during that voyage. A 72ft is a scary place for a film camera.