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    Harry CPA works in a close relation with its clients and come up with much relevant decision of financial conditions of the business. He carries … Read More
    Harry CPA works in a close relation with its clients and come up with much relevant decision of financial conditions of the business. He carries the principal experience as a CPA. Read Less
‘’All CPA are the accountant but all accountant are not the CPA.’’

Certified Public Accountant passes the licensing examination of the state to provide service directly to the people.

Every large or small enterprise not only requires a financial person but also a tax payer and book keeper. To keep such track in a flow without hassle one must hire Certified Public Accountant who plays an important role in comparison to a normal accountant. The versatile character of CPA runs your business smoothly and efficiently. Looking for Tax Accountant in New York City then HARRY CPA must be considered because of his long lasting experience.

The major role of CPA

Tax Payer

A public accountant posse’s attorney to prepare tax return for his clients. CPA’s are much aware of all the tax laws than an accountant. Taxation is the biggest term for business if not paid in time you can suffer many loses. CPA’s keeps regular update of tax code every year and prepare best of tax transaction without any fault.

He is solely responsible for the collection of tax information, reporting to the tax authority and paying the tax amount. He advises the tax impact of the corporate to the managers and owners. Harry CPA is the best suited Tax Accountant in New York City.

Financial Analyst

CPA’s perform detail and thorough analysis of taxation and financial matters. They check the current market trends, business operation and investment made by organization and based on all expenses and revenue generates the exact financial report. They must be aware of every new rules and policy and must monitor the economy which may affect the investment earning.

As a financial analyst the CPA’s are the statistical software package of the organization. They collect, summarize, spot trend and develop the forecast of financial state.


CPA is eligible to present you before the IRS, while accountant not. Auditor checks whether the financial statement formed is free from any material mismanagement and frauds and error. It guides lenders and investors of the company regarding the financial condition.

CPA makes you work on high level through varied tax decision and they execute plan for the business. Harry CPA in New York City plays the role of auditor for all kinds of business.


A CPA is a certified licensed accountant of the state and concerned with state laws and regulation. CPA is one man army for business because of his versatility. One time heavy payment will keep you away from business tension. In addition to preparing and reviewing the financial statement it works as an auditor and tax payer for the firm. He is eligible for maintaining both book keeping and accountant role.

CPA has an additional level credibility and expertise. Every company from small to big enterprise requires someone to keep track of the book. They are the mandatory person who enables to achieve the targeted business operation by guiding and analyzing every state and condition of business. They serve the best of all financial service catering to all financial issues and provide every niche of it.