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Although link building and content creation seem to have a wonderful chemistry among each other, but link building alone can do a desirable job. This statement can further clarify the fact that link building isn’t some SEO hack. Link building is a way to connect with the other sites and get traffic directed through those sites. This entire process contains huge value for SEO.
When we talk about building links without creating content, we actually talk about the related options and opportunities that one needs to search for in order to build links. Again, it would be worth mentioning here that these opportunities are not meant to be abused. Rather, it basically involves building meaningful business relationship and strengthening the existing ones through quality link building. Some of those ways are illustrated in the remaining article for a little elaboration.
Online mentions
Link building through online mentions is the most convenient way of building links as compared to other methods. As the name suggests, the prerequisite for this way of building link is that there should be some discussion going on among your niche regarding your brand and products. Search for any positive discussion and ask the discussing parties to add the link of your website along with their opinions.

To avail this kind of opportunities, you need to talk with your marketing team to look into the future or past online events that would mention your brand and products in any way. Look for the authorities that administer that content and ask them to add your website’s link in the part of content that describes your business. This way of building links can serve your Indianapolis SEO campaign in the best way.
It was all about directories before the inception of search engines. People used to search for businesses using directories. After the search engines took over the job of providing search results, searchers abandoned the use of directories almost entirely. Still, directories can serve as one of the best prospects for link building. The directories i intend to talk about here do not include the ones that allow the entry of bulk of links. You should look for the directories that are highly moderated. The links in those directories would certainly have huge SEO value.
Business partnership
The better business relationships can transform into partnerships, which combine two or more partner businesses from different perspectives such as marketing, sales and so on. Although business partnership isn’t limited to the online world, it serves as the best opportunity to build links. This practice can help several businesses to lift each other in the market and strengthen the relationship in a better way.
Although it’s the links that you are trying to build, the utilization of above mentioned opportunities should be considered mainly for building and strengthening the business relationship, and not just to build links because they would come eventually. Availing these types of opportunities would require you to be patient and a well-wisher for the parties you have or you are going to have a relationship with