Seacan Office Building
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    A custom office building made out of shipping containers.
Seacan Office Building
Bigger, better and unique
With the recent success of our shipping container house we have now decided to move our business into a shipping container office building.  We hope to use this as our new headquarters and, hopefully, as a way to open up peoples' eyes to the possibilities of using these containers for construction.  Construction of this office building began back in June and has quickly progressed to what it is right now.

Should you have any questions or would like to leave a comment, please feel free to contact us at:

ADM Storage
304 - 3000 McGillivray Boulevard
Oak Bluff, MB  R4G 0B4

Phone: 1-204-284-4900
Fax: 1-204-475-8160
Here you can see the first floor of the building taking shape.  We had customized these containers in order to suit the space that we were going to need for each floor.
 After the laying of the foundation & piles, here is the first floor sitting nicely on top of the foundation.  
Taking shape, here is the exterior of the building with the second floor placed along with one half of the tower which will house the staircase.
 The interior and framing being completed.
 It's current state as of the beginning of August.  The second half of the tower is up and being connected to its first half.  The building will certainly be eye catching once it has been completed.  
Here is a shot of the stairwell tower all welded together and the roofing being finished up.
Trusses are now being installed.  The windows are all in and mounts for the company sign are installed as well.
Company sign now installed, the exterior is pretty much complete except some lighting to illuminate the sign in the evening.
Here is a panoramic view of the main floor where our customers come in and meet our staff.  The counter is made out of corrugated steel from a shipping container.
The custom railings for the stairwell in the tower.  All custom made by our talented welder.  Many of our customers are amazed at how well they turned out.
A panormaic view of the 2nd floor office where management and staff meet and relax.  As you can see, it is a very cozy atmosphere.
Fully completed and functioning.  We are happy to have completed this project and are able to work out of it.  It is one of our greatest accomplishments.