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    GIRVIN has been associated with a variety of design programs for Shiseido in Tokyo and New York. One of their preliminary launches pursuing the c… Read More
    GIRVIN has been associated with a variety of design programs for Shiseido in Tokyo and New York. One of their preliminary launches pursuing the children and baby care retail environment was Angel Dew. We worked with a team of designers from Tokyo in our Seattle office to create the preliminary design and bottle shape recommendations. We were also associated with d'ici là and Revital – premier cosmetic lines based on both consumer perception and price point. We were associated with the industrial design of all the containers for these product lines as well as the branding identity and the creation of the corporate palette. These lines represent the high-end of Shiseido's product offerings and can be found in stores across all of Japan. Read Less
Strategy, Packaging
Working as a consulting team in support of the positioning of brands for Shiseido, Girvin's team, with experience in Asian marketing and brand strategy, focuses on building storytelling structure for global  enterprises and their audiences.

In this development and exploration, Girvin worked on localizing the Japanese product positioning and messaging to respond to the U.S. and European market. Shiseido's leadership team recognized that the same message and positioning won't work in these new markets.

Among Shiseido's product offerings are a grouping of luxury, anti-aging cosmetics based on their innovative scientific discoveries. Shiseido's product solutions compete with other international higher value cosmetics. As a strategy, Shiseido's international products have been seen to have more business potential and opportunities in the U.S. and European markets. Girvin's brand team created three positioning approaches as catalysts and then tuned them to build on the revised final direction. These consulting strategies expressed positioning and story treatment to produce advertisements, visuals and other marketing materials.
The lifestyle value and motivation for the purchase of the products vary depending on the different culture. Introducing products to new cultures requires a specific approach and thinking-process in order to appeal to different audiences.

Girvin offered a brand strategy session to steward the Shiseido teams from Tokyo, NY and Paris to re-create their product positioning by evaluating the existing products and messaging for Japanese market by defining their new target audience in both the U.S. and Europe while keeping the core value of the company and the product.

Girvin's unique methodology in brand storytelling methods to create unique, memorable and effective positioning and messaging for products. Our brand strategy team provided three distinctive stories to express this product brand and help Shiseido determine how to position their product to appeal to new audiences, creating emotional connections, captivating loyal customers.